Branded instant photos for any activation

Transform an instant photo into a powerful marketing tool with a photoflyer.

We are an official reseller of Photoflyer in Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We decided to team up with Photoflyer, because we believe that Photoflyer is the ideal personalised give-away for all events and promotions. Photoflyer allows for an intimate interaction with potential customers and with the ability to distribute around 50 photoflyers per camera per hour, it is also the world’s quickest instant photo marketing tool with great value. With the use of instant cameras, one is not obliged to stay at one location and promoters can proactively target the audience. There is also no need for wifi or electricity, which prevents loss of promotion time when outages occur. Photoflyer is extremely easy to use and does not require any logistics to transport. We fully believe in this product and can wholeheartedly recommend this marketing tool to create positive and long lasting brand experiences at any event.

We have successfully used Photoflyer as a marketing tool at many events already, from large scale festivals, to street promotions, to welcome gifts at locations. Below are a few examples. For more information please contact us.