Bar Campari Mobile Event Bar

One of our highlights of 2022 was to design and build a mobile version of the beautiful bar inside the Bar Campari Vienna. Our client Campari approached us with the request to capture the essence, style, and exclusivity of the Bar Campari and transform it into a mobile version that could be at events all over Austria.

The result speaks for itself: we used real oak for the front and marmor stone on the counter to and made a special light construction over the bar counter to really capture the essence of the original Bar Campari.

This mobile bar can be built up by a team of two in just one hour. Because of the smart transport solution, we have been able to built this bar up in palaces all over Vienna, op top of roof terraces, and even on a pebble beach next to a lake. This is how brand experience is done.

(Photography featured image and first image on the right: © Klaus Ranger)