Bombay & Bacardi at Paradies Garden Festival 2022

Bacardi Austria approached us to integrate two brands in a new boutique festival called Paradies Garten Festival. The festival was held in the gardens of Prugg castle in Bruck an der Leitha and presented the world´s best electronic artists in a relaxed environment with an emphasis on community feel and sustainability.

With this in mind, we created a very relaxed and lounge-y brand experience area for Bombay Sapphire, where people could hang out together with friends, enjoy a good drink, and listen to the music. The Bombay area had the appealing Strohboid pavilion as a centre piece, which we decorated with a plethora of plants, lamps, carpets, and Instagram-worthy opportunities. Of course, we also installed a bar and to highlight the sustainability efforts of the Bombay brand, we created an area specifically to inform the audience about all the efforts Bombay makes in order to be worthy of its title as sustainable gin brand. With Bombay Citron Pressé being the highlight drink, we made sure that the whole area was sprinkled with citrus, and in order to provide the guest with a fun photo moment, we filled a bathtub full with lemons. Fortunately, there was a lot of space around the pavilion, which we turned into a relaxing citrus garden area with numerous seating possibilities we sustainably built out of used euro pallets along with a number of hammocks.

Our task for Bacardi Rum was to build a bar at a small stage hidden in the woods. In order to fit into the environment and the theme of sustainability, we converted one of our wooden huts into a Bacardi Rum bar exuding Caribbean flair and putting a smile on any rum lover`s face. We added a little seating area in the back and covered the hut in Jute, Plants and spray-painted leaves to create an authentic and memorable image.

Photography: 1 und 4 © Thomas Unterberger