Bombay at Paradies Garden Festival 2022

For the most sustainable gin brand - Bombay Sapphire - we created a stunning lounge and bar area at Paradies Garden Festival in the park of Prugg castle in Bruck an der Leitha.

We created an atmospheric lounge area with an inviting outdoor area with hammocks and comfortable seats, along with a highly appealing roofed bar area. We used the appealing pavilion tent from Strohboid to house the bar and decorated the whole area with a plethora of plants, lamps, carpets, and instagrammable opportunities. Of course, with sustainability being key, we made sure that not only the build-up was made as much as possible out of sustainable materials, but we also presented the admirable sustainable efforts of Bombay Sapphire in an appealing presentation area.

With Bombay Citron Pressé being the highlight drink, we made sure that the whole area was sprinkled with citrus.

Photography: © Thomas Unterberger