Campari Event and DJ Bar

After having designed and built numerous other mobile bar solutions for the Campari Group, we were asked to create an event bar that included a DJ booth for the brand Campari. We wanted the bar to have a unique shape with enough lighting, ample of product placement options and of course featuring the iconic canneté pattern that is now also integrated in the new Campari bottle design.

Our design is influenced by Art Deco elements where we used curved shapes to create an elegant dynamic symmetry highlighting the Campari logo in the center. The bar has been designed as a modular unit, which means that it can be set-up in a variety of different versions by just leaving out certain elements. The DJ is placed on an elevated platform and does not obstruct the functionality of the bar itself. When the DJ element is not used, the other bar elements flawlessly fit together to create a singular front bar. The base elements consist of our uniquely designed bar system, which we have in use for all our mobile bars since 2023.

Based on the new bar design, we also created a mini version for the 5 star Alpine Resort Sacher in Seefeld. In order to flawlessly fit the bar into the traditional environment, we designed the front bar in sunburned solid oak wood and made a mini version of the Campari back bar flanked by luxurious Campari red curtains.