Canon at Calle Libre 2022

Canon was one of the sponsors of the Street Art Festival Calle Libre 2022 and asked us to design and build a sponsor stand where guests would have a chance to interact with the brand, but also with the topics of regeneration, sustainability, community, and art. With this in mind, we created an area consisting of 1 container and 2 container frames, that were converted into a touch & try station with the latest Canon products, a Canon DIY upcycling studio, a return box for used ink cartridges and lots more.

We were able to really motivate the guest to positively interact with the brand and the brand was successfully able to showcase its positive contribution towards collective sustainability. We are happy to say that we were able to produce the entire area with previously used or reusable items and were therefore true to the concept.

Photography: © Robert Lösch Photography & Design