Casa Bacardi at Nova Rock Festival 2022

For our client Bacardi, we designed, built, and managed the Austrian version of the already established and successful Casa Bacardi. Even though we were challenged with an extremely short preparation time, limited available space, and an already existing base construction (a standard 10x10m event tent), we were able to pull off a truly spectacular and vibrant Austrian Casa Bacardi at Nova Rock Festival 2022.

Despite the turbulent and wet weather, which did not reflect the sunny and warm Caribbean, we managed to create a wonderful Cuban atmosphere thanks to our vibrant and colourful Casa Bacardi design, sweet Latin vibes and of course some great rum and cocktails. We had daily DJ's and Latin dancing classes. We also had a team taking photos of the festival guests with instant cameras, producing great personalised giveaways with Photoflyer. On top of all of that we he'd fresh coconuts with rum every day and the BATALA percussion band spreading Latin beats all across the festival site.

We are looking forward to creating an even larger Austrian Casa Bacardi and making Latin vibes and Bacardi rum a staple at Austrian music festivals.

Hasta la vista!

(Photography featured image and last image on the right: nadinestudenyphotography)