City Beats Absolut & Havana Club Branding

Salzburg has a new mega club with City Beats that reopened in September after extensive expansion renovations. We were excited to incorporate two brands (Absolut Vodka and Havana Club) in this swanky new place. We designed and produced all pieces to specifically fit in the cool existing design:

- a photo wall / backdrop made out of metal with LED lights and logo signs: We built this backdrop on wheels for easy removal and relocation.
- "ABSOLUT CITYBEATS" letters spanning 3 meters in width and fitted with a special lighting system that reacts to the beats of sounds. Therefore, when the music is playing in the club, the letters will be highlighted with different colours to the beat of the music.
- A half absolut bottle shape cut-out made out of metal and fitted with LED lighting to encase the DJ standing in front of it.
- Bottle highlighting shelves on the wall behind one of the bars.
- A Havana Club brand wall displaying the letters LA made out of metal and a range of 6 Havana Club products along with specially fitted design shoes. The bottles and shoes have been placed on metal shelves.
- Custom-made graffiti art shoes that have been affixed to the wall and ceiling to create a dynamic and playful display around the Havana Club logo.