Eristoff Pink at Frequency Festival

For Eristoff Vodka we pinked it up at Frequency Festival 2022 and created a sponsor brand area to promote the new Eristoff Pink flavour.

We cooperated with Butik Agency in Belgium to transport an existing Eristoff Pink tool from Belgium to Austria. Consisting of a 40-foot container and a storage container placed on top. Originally the 40-foot container was used as a secret party location, but we changed the set-up and made the interior into a fun interactive experience, where guests could push numerous buttons placed all over the inside of the container and each of these buttons triggered a surprise effect ranging from sounds, to smoke, to wind, to light.

Because we wanted the DJs to be very visible to the crowd, we built a cube on top of the container and a DJ desk along with enough light and smoke effects to rival the main stage. We also built a bar container in front to ensure that no one would be left without a drink.

(Photography Copyright: © Nadine Studeny)