Eurowings Flying Fox Photo Experience

Two years in a row, we created an exclusive photo installation + DSLR-cloud for the Eurowings Flying Fox at Donauinselfest. Festival guests who had signed up for a slot online were able to fly high over the crowd at one of the stages. We installed a photo box at the check-in VIP lounge, placed a photographer on top of the 18 meter high jump off tower, and another photographer at the landing base; all this to ensure that the entire journey would be recorded from all angles. We had programmed a special DSRL cloud that was used to transfer the photos from all the photo stations to the landing base where the guests were presented with printouts and the opportunity to share their photos on sharing stations.

Our challenge was to be able to transfer the three photos within the few minutes that it took to ascend the tower and fly the 160 meter from the top station to the bottom station. All this to ensure that the guests did not have to wait to enjoy their free photos gift and to share these photos immediately on the provided sharing stations.