Hendrick’s Area at the Vienna Gin Festival 2023

No gin festival is complete without Hendrick’s Gin. Our client asked us to create a memorable experience area for Hendrick’s Gin at the Vienna Gin Festival at the Semper Depot. The location is a historic Renaissance Revival style building from the 19th century with a large entrance hall with high pillars. Because the Hendrick’s area was planned in the entrance area, we decided to use one of the pillars to create an extraordinary flower display to immediately catch the attention of everyone that enters the building. To also provide some unusual entertainment, we were inspired by the height of the ceilings and engaged an aerial acrobat, who we dressed in a butterfly outfit, to perform acrobatics in the air from a sheet that we hung from the first level balcony. We decorated the area with brand tools from the Flora Adora Launch event we designed and the existing Hendrick’s bar.