Illuminated Pennants

With the use of mobile salespeople one can increase the sales of fast-moving consumer goods by being able to move through the crowd at events. In these environments it is vital that these mobile units are as visible as possible. This is possible by using high hanging flags or pennants during the day, but at night these get lost in the dark.

We developed a solution for this problem for one of our clients by producing illuminated pennants and flags. This tool was successfully used for the first time at Frequency Festival 2012 and has since been used at other events such as Nova Rock Festival. We produced custom made pouches that could hold an EL illuminated surface together with the advertisement. The advertisement was thereby lit up by the EL illuminated surface in the background. The cables and charger were nicely stowed away in the fiberglass pole on which the pennant is attached and also in the sales pack, which the salespeople carry in front of them. The chargers are quickly fully charged and last for up to 21 hours when the EL illuminated surface is set to the blinking function.