Malfy Gin Mobile Promotion Bar Cart

Malfy Gin found its way from the beautiful Italian Amalfi coast to Vienna to launch its variety of gin products in the Austrian market. We were contracted to design and build a fleet of bar / promotion carts to enable the brand to present its products in a multitude of locations.

We took inspiration from the unusually shaped bottle cork and designed the cart based on that. Hence, the unique trapezoid shape of the cart. In order to make the mobile bar cart easily transportable, we built the frame out of aluminium which we powder coated with the Malfy blue color. There are two drawers (one of each side) for storage, an eye-catching lighted bottle display on top, lighted bottle displays on the bottom and a functional glass storage and display. After building a prototype we made a few minor changes, such as the colour of the powder coating to a darker blue and then we finished building 16 shiny new bar carts.

Keep an eye out for one of these eye-catching carts this summer and don't forget to taste some of this sun-soaked elixir from Malfy.