Monkey Shoulder Bar Cart

Another day, another whiskey. We were excited when Monkey Shoulder contacted us to produce a funky and fun mobile DJ / bar cart.

Of course we used high end materials to build this eye-catching mobile bar cart. We also made sure that it could easily be moved in the back of a van. Because the bar cart would specifically be used to be the center of short high energy promotions, we added lighting effects that perfectly set the retro-style trolley in the limelight. In the upper part of the trolley we installed a tablet that could be used to play music. Loudspeakers were integrated in the lower part of the trolley, guaranteeing good spirits during promotions. The integrated speakers made it easy to fill a small open-air space with music. Believing in the importance of product presentation, we also built in ample space to display the cool looking Monkey-Shoulder bottles. As with all our mobile event tools, we delivered the bar cart with its own custom-made padded protection sleeve.

Not only did we build this beauty, we also took it out on numerous promotions in and around Vienna. A few of the locations it has already been are: Hermann Strandbar, Heldenbar, and the Bettel-Alm.