Red Bull MOBILE Mobile Phone Stickers

Red Bull MOBILE approached us with the desire to create an event tool that would combine an extremely visible giveaway with the possibility to individualise and be mobile.

With this assignment we developed a super cool tool that allowed people to individually customize their smartphones. We developed an app that customers could access online through a URL. There, the customer could select a mobile phone skin / sticker from several designs, including event-specific designs. The customer would then be able to select their type of mobile phone and as soon as the sent button was pushed, our team got a notification to produce the personalized cover. Once the skin was ready, the customer would receive an SMS with the pick-up location.

The production facility consisted of a mechanical press, a built in WiFi hotspot and a workstation. We built the production unit in such a way, that it could be built up anywhere, whether it be a festival site or a mobile phone shop. In addition, a sturdy flight case (that could be transformed in a usable working station) was specially made for safe transport.

The tool was successfully used at festivals and numerous events, where the skins were produced onsite, as well as online, where customers were sent their chosen mobile phone skin by mail.