The Botanist Gin Bar

Scotland might be famous for its Scotch Whiskey, but everybody should also know about its gin; The Botanist Gin, to be exact. The representatives of this lovely gin produced with foraged Islay island botanicals contracted us to build a fitting bar to represent their brand at Liquid Market: The Cocktail Festival at Volksgarten in 2019. Even though there was only a 2 x 2-meter space available for the bar, we used real wood and an explosion of plants to build an appealing 3 meter high bar.

We designed the bar specially to fit the brand and its brand identity that focusses on nature and in particular foraging. We added a plant wall made from real local plants and in order to add a real forest nature experience we installed a sound system playing Scottish forest sounds. Additionally we had an aroma diffuser system that filled the air with botanical smells. As you can imagine, The Botanist Gin was "In" and a real hit at the event.