Aperol Spritz branding at Bootshaus Vienna

We were asked by Aperol to create a number of small Aperol Spritz areas at the summer terrace of Bootshaus in Vienna without doing a complete take-over.

With this in mind, we built an orange round table that we custom designed to fit exactly around an existing tree in an area which was designated as a more relaxed place to drink and not eat. We also added our custom designed modular seats and plant pots that we initially created for the Aperol Spritz terrace in Prague. With these seats and a few added chairs and custom mini tables we created a perfect little exclusive lounge area where the guest could linger and enjoy an Aperol Spritz.

We used branded Italian chairs, two branded Hollywood swings and one of our custom sign-post in the entrance area of the restaurant to add visibility there. Then we also added various brandings and tools throughout the terrace, such as bottles with LED lights in the conservatory, custom made seating pads with little custom made orange tables and branding on the water front, beach chairs and branded parasols on another part of the waterfront, and branding for the service station and foiling on the glass dividers.

Photography: © Campari Austria (photo 5)