Aperol Spritz Terrace Prague

After the enormous success of the Aperol Piazza 2022 in Vienna, we were commissioned by Campari to create an Aperol Spritz terrace concept for Art Restaurant Mánes in Prague, Czech Republic. We were presented with 700m2 of empty space that we had to turn into an Aperol Spritz experience including all furniture for guests, gastronomes, entertainment and a back bar. The existing terrace was spread over two levels with the second level enjoying a magnificent view over the Vltava river and Prague's historic city centre. The building itself is protected as a historical landmark and the terrace was to be cleared in the winter months. These conditions, along with the minimal access, required us to meticulously plan the conception of the furniture and brand tools.

For this project we designed and produced a series of custom furniture, partly based on the custom furniture we made for the Aperol Piazza in Vienna in 2022, but massively expanded with a variety of new elements. Because of our extensive experience, we were able to create a superbly visible and effective brand world. But also, a highly efficient floor plan for gastronomical and entertainment purposes. Many of the custom tools we designed were reproduced for a variety of other projects in Austria.

A unique feature of the custom furniture we designed, is its modular function. This means that seats, plant boxes, and tables can be re-organised and re-purposed depending on the needs and the environment that it is placed in. A long bench can be transformed in cosy corner areas with plants by just reorganising the seats and adding existing plant boxes. The furniture that was custom designed and produced included modular seats, plant dividers in different sizes, photo opportunities, tables, a large communal table, a working station, a DJ booth and a bar. We also added chairs produced in Italy and dining tables with durable teak tabletops for the dining area.