Aperol Spritz Piazza 2023

Filmfestival Vienna is Europe‘s largest culture and food festival held every year from July until September at the city’s Rathausplatz. Aperol has been a part of the summer highlight event for many years and occupies a prime location on the site.

After having designed and built the very successful Aperol Piazza for Aperol in 2022, we were asked to re-imagine the area for 2023 and make it fit in the Aperol „Sommerfrische“ summer theme. To open up the area, we removed the water feature along with all fences and thereby increased accessibility and visibility of the area. We re-used the teak tables and chairs along with our custom designed Aperol high tables from 2022, but we added custom Italian high chairs to increase comfort. We also added several communal seating islands made from our custom designed Aperol modular seats with added Kambala solid wood plates for an upmarket look and extreme durability. At one of the entrances, we added a custom-made Aperol Spritz Arch through which guests could enter the area, and which of course also added as a good photo spot. In addition, we also added XL lettering with the text “SOMMERFRISCHE”, a custom-built photo opportunity we call the “Aperol Wave”, along with two oversized clinking Aperol glasses. In order to make the area the freshest place to enjoy an Aperol Spritz, we added a plethora of XL plants and - because there can never be enough bright colours - we branded the whole area in orange.

Because of the great success of the Piazza in the summer, we also created a mini Aperol Spritz Piazza at the Falstaff Bar- & Spirits- Festival at the Hofburg in Vienna in fall. We used a variety of the existing elements, such as the modular seats, the arch and the plants, to recreate the summer vibes and promote the brand.

Photography: © Campari Austria