Aperol Spritz Summer Terrace at Villa Lido Klagenfurt

After creating several highly successful Aperol Spritz terraces in Austria and abroad, we were asked to design one for Villa Lido in Klagenfurt. We were presented with an empty area of about 600m2 to transform in a recognisable branded area. Based on our extensive experience in optimising visitor flow and anticipating visitor expectation in relation to seating and space, we created 3 distinct areas.

The first area we filled with custom Italian chairs, teak plated tables and plants. The bulk of the seating options are in this area to ensure the gastronomer can accommodate enough guests, who want to enjoy a meal with their Aperol Spritz.

For the second area, we wanted to create a lounge area where the guests could enjoy an Aperol Spritz with friends. For this area we used our custom designed modular seats and plant pots that we initially created for the Aperol Spritz terrace in Prague.

The third area we created specifically because of the location, which is right at the lake. We built three large, raised platforms on which we added two different seating options: tables and chairs to enjoy drinks and food with a view, and beach chairs with custom-built orange tables to enjoy an Aperol Spritz with a view.

In addition, we branded the front of an existing service bungalow in Aperol orange, produced custom photo opportunities such as a signpost, placed other brand elements such as XL Aperol glasses, and added orange ambient lighting to complete the area.

Photography: © Campari Austria (Photos 4 & 5)