Casa Bacardi 2023

After the success of the mini Casa Bacardi we created for our client Bacardi Austria for the Nova Rock festival in 2022, we won the pitch to create a full blown modular Casa Bacardi set-up to go on tour with in the DACH region from 2023 until 2025.

Not only were we responsible for the design and production, but also the tour planning, logistics (including the import and export for Switzerland) and the management along with all the communications with the festivals and onsite support.

The basic construction consists of 10 custom containers, 4 of which can function as bar containers. Since we had to allow for different set-ups for each festival, we had to design the decoration to allow this. We solved this challenge after many drawings by keeping a part of the Casa Bacardi the same for each layout and only making a few decoration pieces changeable. We also created a special hook-in system for the decoration elements, to allow for an easy and efficient build-up and break-down. We also produced a new Bombay bar container that uses a special hook-in system for the decoration elements on the exterior. The same system is again used to decorate an existing bar container the client already had.